Team Fortress 2 Review

Short Summary

Game: Team Fortress 2 Review

Established: Oct, 2007

Type: MMO

Software: Valve Corporation

Suitable for: PC

+Excellent balance

+Beautiful art style

-Repetitive after a few hours of play


Team Fortress 2 is an amazing game that was launched in 2007 by Valve Corporation. It is a peculiar cartoony 3D shooter game that is based on the famous Team Fortress mod for Half Life and Quake. It also features 9 unique levels and awesome balance, chaotically fun gameplay, and well-designed maps.

General Impression

This game from Valve, makers of famous games such as Counter-Strike, is a team-based multiplayer first-player shooter. It is the sequel to the last decade Quake mod and Team Fortress Classic. The game is available as part of the game bundle (The Orange Box) and a solo product through steam.

Like the previous version of this game, TF2 has 2 teams, BLU and RED, battling it out to complete tasks based on the game you choose. Each team represents a firm, Reliable Excavation Demolition (RED) and Builders League United (BLU). According to the theme, these firms are owned by 2 brothers fighting each other for the sole control of their parents’ lands using weapons from all over the world.

The developer helps novice players get familiar with the game using pop-up tips that explain what every button does. In addition, the game provides a thorough tutorial which shows the basics of combat and movement, and even how to use the 9 classes. You can decide to go through the tutorial or even ignore it – jump straight into action.

Graphics and Design

The game features beautiful cartoony graphics that function well with the game’s theme – comic theme. It has attractive caricature-like characters animations and models which are well done, including the funny taunts that add color to your game.

The other worth mention aspect of this game is the voice-acting feature. This feature will make you crack up at funny one-liners and stereotypes, even while being killed by a crazy enemy.


By now you know that Team Fortress 2 runs on the Valve Corporation software. It is one of the best firms that you will find on the market today.

Positive and Negative Impression

For people who love challenges, this game has an achievement system that offers you a bonus. These prizes are divided into class events, general, maps, as well as a separate achievement set for Machine vs. Mann game modes. Achievements can vary from simple things such as jumping into a river while you are on fire or even receiving 25 headshots without dying.

On the other hand, the game has a small flaw in that it gets a little repetitive after the first 100 hours of play.


Team Fortress 2 is a great game to play. It is definitely a sigh of reliving from the ordinary MMO shooters. The fast-running combat, complemented with the game’s comical idea will make you laugh and your adrenaline will pump at the same time. Hilarious voice acting, great graphics and unique characters ensure that your game is a complete package. Additionally, the achievement system offers you weeks of additional playtime. It is also a quite effective on your PC.

Gameplay 10
Graphics 8
Audio 8
Overall 9

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