Star Wars: Battlefront

One of the most anticipated and hyped games, maybe ever, was Star Wars: Battlefront. And, indeed, what a game this is, and what stupendous fun it was – for the first three hours or so. Then the problems started to emerge, and then you saw EA in all their glory giving you a choice – either pay up or grind till your fingers are nothing but bones.

A Spectacle to Mask the Issues

In its core, Battlefront is actually a remake of the original Battlefront II. And, as you know, Battlefront II was one of the most amazing games there ever were. It was a Star War’s fan wet dream, as you’re able to jump into the shoes of your favorite characters – the stormtroopers or the rebels, and recreate the best and biggest battles in the movies. And we mean ALL movies, both the prequel sequels and the sequel prequels. And why is this important? Because you can’t do it in the new Battlefront.
The new Battlefront is huge, no doubt, with its huge maps and hundreds of players, but that’s all an illusion. Battlefront features only a fraction of maps that there were in Battlefront II, with more maps being locked behind DLCs. Not only that, but you couldn’t play any of the maps from the newer movies, so if you though you could play as a clonetrooper or a drone, you’re going to have to forget it.
Battlefront also features classes, and, on top of that, it features perks that can be obtained to give you edge in battle. However, you soon find out those perks don’t change your experience drastically, nor do they come easily. For each one, you’ll have to grind and grind and grind, or simply pay for it. There are a lot of weapons too, plenty of customization options, but here too you’re at the mercy of lootboxes, which, or course, have to be bought.
And remember space battles in Battlefront 2? Well, you can forget about those too, as they’re not featured in the game. Vehicles are features, as well as space ships, but they don’t have that much of an impact in the game as they should. Battlefront features several game modes, but most of them feel like slightly tweaked standard modes.
Finally, Battlefront looks outstanding, so you have to give them that. The models look great, the maps are authentic and exhibit such artistry that has not been long witnessed. Playing either on Hoth or Tatoine really gives you the feeling you’re there, and at least makes the game worth checking out.


All in all, Battlefront is a wonderfully-looking spectacle that doesn’t have that much substance. This is a multiplayer-only game (that’s right – no campaign) that features lots of cancerous things we find in such games. In that sense, the game is a failure in our eyes, and testimony of big companies’ willingness to make money even if it means ruining the experience.

Gameplay 5
Graphics 5
Audio 5
Overall 5

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