Star Wars: Battlefront

One of the most anticipated and hyped games, maybe ever, was Star Wars: Battlefront. And, indeed, what a game this is, and what stupendous fun it was – for the first three hours or so. Then the problems started to emerge, and then you saw EA in all their glory giving you a choice – either pay up or grind […]

Far Cry 4

Year after year, Ubisoft keeps crapping out the same crap. Whether it’s Far Cry or Assassin’s Creed, every game is a clone of the previous, with no major changes put into the game. And even though we know all this, we keep coming back to Ubisoft, thinking they’ll actually crap out something amazing. Well, to be honest, they are working […]


MOBAs and multiplayer games are very popular in the modern times. Even single player games always some online feature, and not just so that the companies can check if your copy of the game is genuine, but to promote either competition or cooperation between players. One of the newest multiplayer games is Evolve, where a team of hunters try to […]


Ever since their entry game in the Darks Souls franchise, gamers and sadists around the world have been asking for more from FromSoftware. And, surely enough, FromSoftware delivered. This time, they decided to remove their game from a medieval setting, and begin a cycle of death and rebirth in the blood-soaked streets of Victorian London-like city of Yharnam. It was […]

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Ubisoft loves Assassin’s Creed. So much so that they put out one each two years. And, over the years and over the course of many games, the quality of the games dropped quite a bit. Hearing word of another Assassin’s Creed is taken like word of rain in autumn – it happens every day and it’s not particularly exciting. Well, […]

Watch Dogs 2 Review

O, boy, Watch Dogs… This game, which isn’t that bad of a game, mind you, gathered so much hate, that the only game more hated that Watch Dogs was One Man’s Lie… Sorry, No Man’s Sky. The graphics they showed in E3 were nowhere to be found, the main protagonist was bland, the story was bland, the AI was all […]

GTA V Review

When you’re up for some maniacal fun, when you feel like shooting people in the streets when you feel like parading in expensive clothes down the streets of LA, there’s Grand Theft Auto V. Of all the open world games, GTA V and the GTA series never ceased to amaze the players. From the rudimentary GTA III over the marvellous […]

Dark Souls 3 Review

There are few games more powerful, more engaging, more challenging and more convoluted than games from the Dark Souls franchise. The story begins with the First Lords who found the first souls in the Fire deposing the tyrannical reign of the Everlasting Dragons. The story is continued by Dark Souls 2 and is finally wrapped up by Hidetaka Miyazaki (the […]

Battlefield 4 Review

Strap in, boys because Battlefield is back, and they’re coming in through the big doors. After a dismal performance on the part of Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 has turned it all around with stunning visuals and excellent gameplay. It still has some problems finding directions for the story, but this will be rectified in Battlefield 1. Battlefield 4 shines when […]

Battlefield 1

One of the best games in the FPS genre and one that shares the top spot in terms of popularity with Overwatch is Battlefield 1. Battlefield is a longstanding franchise that has spawned numerous features and has taken the torch of FPS games from Call of Duty and Medal of Honour. It is an immensely beautiful look at the first […]