PlanetSide 2

Though the presence of shooters has receded somewhat because of the constant nagging of the players by Call of Duty, shooters are still played often and with enjoyment. However, few shooters offer what PlanetSide 2 offers, and no, we don’t mean just shooting people on alien planets. What PlanetSide 2 offers you is to play a very decent shooter completely […]

Lineage II: The Chaotic Chronicle

There is a whole host of MMO games on the market, and there doesn’t seem to be an end to them. Every year, several entries are introduced to the point they’re becoming like Call of Duty – every year, it’s all new and exciting, but, in fact, it’s all the same. However, this time, we look back upon the times […]


So far, we’ve been talking on several occasions about MMO RPG games, and either praised them for being repetitive, or praising them for having huge worlds and lots of diversity. However, it’s time we went back, all the way back to the roots, and talk about the game that started it all, a game older than even WoW. It’s time […]


One of the most anticipated games in 2014 was Destiny. And, o, boy, were we excited! The trailer for the game that we saw was so intense, action-packed but also did a great job to flesh out the player characters and make them feel like real people that have been killing aliens together for many years. However, this is was […]

Black Desert Online

The world of RPG games doesn’t begin or end at WoW. There are plenty of entries out there that are even more fun than the endless grind of WoW. Korean RPGs are very prominent, with games like Aion leading the industry. However, not all games are awesome like Aion, and can often be described as high-resolution WoW. One such game […]

World of Warcraft Legion Review

One of the most widely played MMORPG games, stemming from one of the longest standing series is, of course, World of Warcraft. Unfortunately, this great series has fallen on hard times of late, and Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor weren’t all that great story-wise. It seemed that Blizzard doesn’t know where to move on with their heroes and […]

The Elder Scrolls Online Review

One of the games that actually made the RPG genre is The Elder Scrolls. The franchise is extremely old, but it gained prominence with Elder Scrolls Morrowind. This was a marvellous game, adored by many, and for good reason. Then came Oblivion, and even better game, that allowed you to build your own, custom class, making the game feel like […]

Star Wars The Old Republic Review

4000 years before the actual Star Wars films, a great Sith Lord attacked the Republic. This is the setting a player finds themselves when they start playing Star Wars The Old Republic, a 2003 MMORPG that, while not bringing anything new to the table, was certainly a great addition to the genre and a major title for the fans of […]

Guild Wars 2 Review

The trouble with most MMORPGs is that they’re really scripted, uninspiring and not very thought-provoking. Even the most famous of them all, World of Warcraft can become dull after playing it for a few days or so. This genre is rife with conventions, with stale mechanics and an overwhelming quest log. Guild Wars 2 seeks to forsake these conventions or […]

EVE Online Review

\What is EVE Online? An MMORPG? Certainly. An amazing sci-fi game? Absolutely. An infinitely grindy mess with millions of players logging on at any one time and over seven thousand star systems and tens of thousands of planets? Undeniably so. But EVE Online is so much more. Millions of years from now, aliens will stumble upon ruins of our once […]