GTA V Review

When you’re up for some maniacal fun, when you feel like shooting people in the streets when you feel like parading in expensive clothes down the streets of LA, there’s Grand Theft Auto V. Of all the open world games, GTA V and the GTA series never ceased to amaze the players. From the rudimentary GTA III over the marvellous Vice City and the even better San Andreas, over to GTA IV with Nico Bjelic, Rockstar gave us hundreds of hours of fun. And now, you’re about to be blown away by the company’s fifth and the grandest entry.

Back to Los Santos

Where to start with this one? Well, let’s first mention the fact how good this game looks. GTA IV looked nice, with the graphics being very fine and detailed, but it is nothing compared to the latest instalment. GTA V is absolutely stunning with its realistic, dynamic lighting and excellent level of detail. The city of Los Santos is bigger, much bigger than before, and you can really feel like an ant while walking down the streets. The game did a great job of providing enough traffic and enough NPC pedestrians for filling such a large city, but also give the NPCs lives of their own, so that they wouldn’t feel stiff and robotic. They respond to the player and the player responds to them.

But, one of the best ways to enjoy this game is in first person mode. Yep, that’s right, GTA now has first person mode, and, my god, does the game look stunning. The controls are really intuitive, and you’ll feel every motion of your character’s body as they walk, run, shoot or jump. Not only that, but this takes you straight to the heart of the action, and now you have a chance to shoot your myriad of guns and really see the bullets impact the target. There is no game violence like first person game violence.

But GTA is not just the mindless driving through the city, causing trouble and dressing yourself. It also has something many of today’s games don’t have – a good narrative and human characters. The three main anti-heroes, Trevor, Michael and Franklin are maniacs and murderers, but not without character, desires and drive, they live, they love, they’re a part of the game’s horribly satirical world that draws upon the American dream and twists it unapologetically.

But the characterization of persons doesn’t end with only the protagonists. The game is also filled with side characters just as interesting, both important for your missions and non-important ones. They’re all carefully written and executed and splendidly voice acted.

GTA V also has an online mode. This allows many players to meet and play together, though they often play against each other. Streets quickly turn red with players’ blood as they start shooting each other like maniacs they are. But, on a few occasions, you can get a small crew of friends and occasionally, you pull off such a heist that will shame even the best action blockbusters.


In the end, this is a superb game, endlessly entertaining, graphically powerful and well written. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that GTA V is one of the best games even nowadays, and that it will stay that for a long time, or perhaps until the next release.

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