Far Cry 4

Year after year, Ubisoft keeps crapping out the same crap. Whether it’s Far Cry or Assassin’s Creed, every game is a clone of the previous, with no major changes put into the game. And even though we know all this, we keep coming back to Ubisoft, thinking they’ll actually crap out something amazing. Well, to be honest, they are working on a new game, Beyond Good and Evil, but so far they’ve been giving us a lot of same stuff. This time around, we’ll be talking about one of such same-ol’-same-ol’ game, from a beloved franchise – we’re talking about Far Cry 4.

Far Cry 3 – But in the Himalayas

This time around, you’re a kind-hearted, righteous American that’s going to the Himalayas to scatter your mother’s ashes. On your way to the place you’re going to scatter the ashes from, you’re caught by Pagan Min, a ruthless dictator of a fictitious country, called Kyrat. And, ever since you see him, the game turns into one big stereotype. All the characters in the game are horrific stereotypes that you can’t overlook, and the story is as linear and as simple as it gets – join the rebellion and overthrow Pagan Min. Of course, along the way you’ll be doing a whole lot of things, like hunting and crafting items, as well as capturing strongholds and hacking radio towers. But, even so, the game feels empty even if it’s really action packed. Or, you could say that it’s too action-packed, but brainless – either way, you won’t be wrong. What Ubisoft tried is to cram all the things that people liked about other games in the series into one, but it really didn’t pay off – they just ruined it.
One of the worst parts (no, it’s not the characters and the story) is that the game nags you horribly. You’ll just capture a stronghold, but, oh, no, the enemy’s already attacking it. So you now have to drive back and capture it again. Far Cry 4 also features an autopilot that takes you from one place to another, but the feature is rather broken and will constantly drive you into trees and rocks, or simple change your destination because the game felt like you’re more needed elsewhere.
But, Far Cry 4 isn’t that bad. If you manage to look past the awful cast and the nagging, you’ve got yourself a very violent and fun game. You can use stealth, yes, but pure destruction is the way to go in this game. Guns are your tools and death is your trade, so go do your job.


In the end, Far Cry is simple Far Cry 3 but in the Himalayas. It’s action-packed and there are plenty stuff to do, but the game won’t satisfy you on a deeper level. Aside from blowing up people and animals, you’ll care little about what goes on in Kyrat. Our only hope is that Ubisoft won’t mess up the next installation in the franchise, and God forbid them should they mess up Beyond Good and Evil.

Gameplay 5
Graphics 5
Audio 5
Overall 5

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