MOBAs and multiplayer games are very popular in the modern times. Even single player games always some online feature, and not just so that the companies can check if your copy of the game is genuine, but to promote either competition or cooperation between players. One of the newest multiplayer games is Evolve, where a team of hunters try to hunt down and kill a Monster.

Unleash the Beast

The premise of Evolve is simple – team up with three more people and take on the Monster, or play as the Monster and kill the hunters. Evolve is very action-packed, but can be dragged out at times, as this is a game in which the momentum always keeps swinging. The team of hunters consists of four people, an Assault, a Support, a Medic and a Trapper. Now, Trapper is your main teammate, as they can track the monster. Not only that, but a Trapper can put down an energy field drone and trap the Monster in with you (or you with it). The Assault is your main damage dealer, and Support and Medic help out the Assault to take the Monster down.
When playing as a Monster, you can choose between three. There is the Goliath, a hulking behemoth that throws rocks, breathes fire and slams down on the hunters. Second is the Leviathan, a flying tentacley monster that shoots lightning. Last is a Wraith, a frail but incredibly fast monster that can blink, create illusions and become invisible. As a Monster, you have to evolve by eating wildlife, and evolve through three stages. Each stage grants you skill points to spend on one of your four skills, and makes you bigger and, well, more monstrous.
The game doesn’t always have to be played with a team of people. Evolve also supports bots, but they’re far from perfect. As a human player, you’ll easily overcome bots, either as a Monster or as a Hunter. Bots will also fill in for the players that disconnect, which is of great help.
In terms of game modes, you have your standard Hunt mode, Hive mode and a mode that spawns continuous enemies that attack a power generator that needs to be protected. Each of these modes plays differently, but the objective is still the same for the Hunters – kill the monster. As a Monster, you can either break the eggs in Hive and have them take care of the Hunters, or attack the generator as the Hunters are busy with the creeps.
However, the game gets old very quickly. With only three monsters, and three of every hunter class, the variety drops quickly. The modes aren’t that entertaining either, and they will become repetitive very soon. These are the main reasons very few pick up Evolve anymore.


All in all, Evolve is a solid game that people just grew bored off too soon. Evolve certainly has potential to be loved and played, but its lack of diversity ultimately led to people abandoning it and turning once again to Dota and LoL.

Gameplay 5
Graphics 5
Audio 5
Overall 5

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