Black Desert Online

The world of RPG games doesn’t begin or end at WoW. There are plenty of entries out there that are even more fun than the endless grind of WoW. Korean RPGs are very prominent, with games like Aion leading the industry. However, not all games are awesome like Aion, and can often be described as high-resolution WoW. One such game is Black Desert Online – a game with a lot of potential that, at the end, amounted to a very mediocre game.

Aion… But Not Quite

Like we said, Black Desert Online, is a game with great potential, so let’s say something about its good sides. For starters, the game world is incredibly big, vivid and outstandingly diverse. And not only that, but there are so many things you can do while in this world. Black Desert has a highly developed economy, and a good crafting system. You can also trade and fish, and, of course, fight.
The combat system in Black Desert is very well-thought out. It might not be that deep, but it is certainly more engaging than the brainless pressing of buttons on your keyboard in WoW. There are eight classes to choose from, all of them worth playing and all of them worth checking out, because of their uniqueness and playstyle.
The game also looks amazing. The graphics are extraordinary and the textures, lighting and character models are really breathtaking. Character customization is superb too, and boasts a lot of options. You can really do some incredible things with your character’s face, and really tone it out.
However, as we said, the game has a lot of problems. Firstly, this game tries to give you an EVE Online feel, and, while it does a sort of a good job, it also lags behind in certain aspects. For example, storages are local only which means that, if you leave your stuff in on town, you’ll have to go back for that stuff, and you’ll have to hoof it, as there’s no fast traveling (not even teleports).
When it comes to graphics, we said that it looks really good. However, the game is very poorly optimized, which means you’ll experience a lot of fluctuation when it comes to framerate. Not only that, but the rendering distance is very bad, and you’ll constantly have trees popping up a few feet away from you. The character creation is good, but, because of very poor color palette options, they’ll all look the same. Also, classes are gender-locked, and, while some classes are counterparts to each other, this still means the game isn’t as diverse as you want it to be.
We described combat as fun and engaging, but, enemies are few and far between, due to the size of the map. Not only that, but there aren’t any dungeons or raids, so whatever enemies you encounter along the way – well, they’re it. The game also features a story, but it’s convoluted and makes little sense. The characters are flat and uninspiring, further distancing the players from the story.


All in all, as we said in the beginning, this is a game with a lot of potential, and you can see that the developers really wanted to create something unique, but, in the end, they didn’t do that good of a job. The game strives to be incredibly diverse, but it has many problems that might turn people away from it.

Gameplay 5
Graphics 5
Audio 5
Overall 5

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