Battlefield 4 Review

Strap in, boys because Battlefield is back, and they’re coming in through the big doors. After a dismal performance on the part of Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4 has turned it all around with stunning visuals and excellent gameplay. It still has some problems finding directions for the story, but this will be rectified in Battlefield 1. Battlefield 4 shines when it comes to multiplayer, and that’s the one and only true way to enjoy this marvellous series.

For Whom the Bell of Awakening Tolls

As we’ve said, Battlefield 4 is a major step up from the last instalment. However, it still can’t find the right tone for its campaign. I suppose this is a major issue with the FPS games, as it’s hard to step out of that cliché soldier mentality. In Battlefield 4, the characters are very linear and dull, though they have a few moments of humanity and humour here and there. The story is also dull, short and predictable, although the cinematics are stunning and the action is great, apart from an occasional corridor shooting level.

In multiplayer, however, all this changes drastically. Unhindered by the story’s progression, you’re free to roam and fight on huge open maps on foot, in the air, in armoured vehicles or on water. Many maps now contain large bodies of water, adding another threat to players everywhere, forcing you to look in all directions when trying to navigate the map. The game relies on its standard game modes that are already tried and true, but under no means boring.

Battlefield has some new game modes as well. One of those is Domination, which is, basically, a smaller Conquest. Domination is much quicker and is often fought without vehicles and in small quarters. Because of that, the game doesn’t draw upon the series’ strength, but, doubtless, some gamers will like it. On top of that, Battlefield 4 now features an Obliteration mode in which two teams fight over several bombs and try to prevent the opposing team from blowing up critical points. This mode is fun enough, but it can be a drag in close quarters, as neither team will be able to get the upper hand. Lastly, there is a Commander mode. Once you’re high enough level, you can enter this mode and virtually become a general, commanding squads and tell them what to do. However, be careful, as other players may simply choose to ignore you, so this mode might be a hit and a miss experience.

One of the best features in Battlefield 4 is the destructibility of the objects and the modification of the terrain. Whole buildings can be torn down, disallowing the enemy to hide in them, and craters in the roads will make navigation with vehicles much more difficult. Not only that, but some maps can be flooded, giving boats an upper hand over anything else.


All in all, Battlefield 4 is a breath of fresh air for the series. The game runs well, plays well and offers countless hours of fun online.

Gameplay 8
Graphics 9
Audio 9
Overall 9

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