Battlefield 1

One of the best games in the FPS genre and one that shares the top spot in terms of popularity with Overwatch is Battlefield 1. Battlefield is a longstanding franchise that has spawned numerous features and has taken the torch of FPS games from Call of Duty and Medal of Honour. It is an immensely beautiful look at the first great conflict of the 20th century, the Great War, and it gives the player an opportunity to experience what was it like to be a part of this maddening bloodshed.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

Alright, the game doesn’t really give you the exact WWI experience, but, to be honest, it wouldn’t be so fun sitting for hours in a trench, waiting for your officer to give the charge order, only to be shot while making but three steps over no man’s land. Instead, Battlefield 1 mixes the open area combat that we liked from the previous instalments while retaining some form historical authenticity. The factions are the real combatants from a hundred years ago, with the weapons used by characters also belonging to that period, although almost all of them had been either experimental at that time, or had entered service in the last year of the war.

When it comes to gameplay, you’ve got all the things that made this game popular and what made this game recognizable. On foot combat is supplemented by vehicular and aerial combat, and you can drive and shoot from a tank, fly a biplane, shoot from a howitzer, an AA cannon, or even ride a horse and slash your enemies with a sabre. The game introduces novelties, like melee weapons, such as cudgels, folding shovels, pickaxes and knives, melee weapons that were actually issued to WWI soldiers. The game also now features special stealth executions, a novelty for this franchise.

When it comes to the story, the game takes you to many places around the globe where the conflict took place. You will step into the shoes of many characters who are driven by different motives and desires, and they all seem human to the player. Through their stories, you become gripped by the inexorable feeling of transience, of the frailty of life and the inevitability of death, heightened by war.

The game, naturally, truly shines in multiplayer mode. There are four modes, the Conquest, Domination, Rush and Team Deathmatch, and all are extremely engaging and often last long. Teams struggle to gain ground, as in the Great War, of capture points of relevance. However, the battles are not exhausting and dull for the players, as the maps are dynamic and colourful. A single map can contain many different landscapes, allowing the player to experience something new every time he steps on the battlefield. On top of that, you can change your class at will and adapt to the situation at hand, allowing your side to emerge victorious from the battle.


In the end, Battlefield 1 is a marvellous game – it has a good story is well-written, the gameplay engaging and the multiplayer fun. For everybody who’s into FPS games, Battlefield 1 is a real treat that ought to be checked out.

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